About Curium

Curium is a world-class nuclear medicine solutions provider with over 100 years of industry experience. We service over 14 million patients worldwide each year and strive to provide best-in-class products and exceptional, reliable service.

Our history

Curium was formed through the union of IBA Molecular and Mallinckrodt Nuclear Medicine LLC.

Together we leverage a deep scientific heritage, combined expertise, size and scale. We have a proven track record in driving innovative solutions for our clients and are united under one single focus.

Our Single Focus

Our diverse group of industry experts is unified under one strong and singular focus – to develop, manufacture and supply SPECT, PET and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals to customers around the globe.

Our Global Reach

We service millions of patients worldwide using sizable global logistics and experience. By utilizing our combined resources, we can deliver superior solutions to 6,000 customers in 70 countries.

Our Product Portfolio

We have one of the largest vertically integrated radiopharmaceutical manufacturing networks in the industry. This includes: 1 Molybdenum facility, 3 large SPECT facilities and close to 40 PET & SPECT radiopharmacies across the United States and Europe.

The products we supply are best-in-class and we are committed to developing and launching more in the years to come.

Superior Reliability and Quality

We strive to build and foster long-term partnerships with our customers through exceptional service reliability and dedication to our industry.

Our goal is to be a trusted partner—one that contributes to the future business growth and sustainability of our customers. We firmly believe that this can only be achieved through the supply of high quality products and services, enabling a better future for all.

Our Values

Our core values—integrity, commitment and collaboration—drive every aspect of our behavior. It is our dedication to these values that truly sets us apart from the competition.

Life Forward

This is much more than our brand tagline. It is a commitment to our customers and those we serve by enhancing the quality of health outcomes through patient care. It is a demonstration of years spent striving for excellence, world-class service and a vision for growth.

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